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"On The #ReBound" Recovery Program

Stones of Meaning

What is Recovery Coaching?

A recovery coach is a person who helps remove environmental obstacles to recovery, serves as a personal guide and mentor in management of personal and family recovery. Recovery coaches support positive change by helping anyone, including persons coming home from prison, jail or residential treatment, to avoid relapse. They can also help with many other crisis related situations such as: domestic violence, suicide, loss of a loved one, divorce, eating disorders, bullying, or if you just need a support person to get you out of that “FUNK”. Whatever it is... We are here to help.

What is included...



Word for the year. 5 Things. All about life. Change. Future. Bucket List. Goals. Wins.




Meditation is important to recovery because it can give you a sense of calm,

peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well being and overall health. It can carry you more calmly through your day and may help you manage certain symptoms of many conditions. We can guide you in this area when talking. Expected to do this everyday or at least two times a week.



Encourages people to have better relationships with themselves, others and

the UNKNOWN.. It can help you deal with stress by giving you a sense of peace, purpose and forgiveness. Whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual, there are health benefits associated with both. Longevity, improved emotional state, stronger immune system, reduced risk of disease, improved self-confidence, fitness and a strong support system. We will be working with numerology and other spiritual avenues such as animal spirits to connect you with your “Higher Power.” Whatever that may be. We will talk more about this in individual sessions.


Social Media

Do you avoid all social media? Or do you like to represent? A good positive

profile on social media is very helpful to your recovery. It will enable healthy friendships, inspire others and yourself but most of all it will hold you accountable. Having a social media profile is encouraged so you can be part of a healthy community. If you are not yet in the group, #ReBound Nation22 Recovery UP (in the Facebook app) then please ask to be accepted. The Instagram account is @reboundnation22 and TikTok @brittneycrandall. If you have any #ReBound gear, we would love to see pictures of you rocking it to INSPIRE others, so please show the support. Posting about your recovery WILL truly help you stay on the right path. As long as you are posting positive uplifting content and doing it for your well being and purpose. People love stories about overcoming hardship and growth. If you have any questions, please ask.



We will be doing a “Fire Healing” ceremony of letting go. Plan to write a letter to yourself, someone who has hurt you, someone you have hurt or anything you wish to detach of your life. You can give it to them or burn it. This is a very healing and regenerating for the soul and a very motivational event.


Participant Awards

“On The #ReBound” is a certified 6-month program. You will be

rewarded with a #ReBound Participant Award when completing the program. We are very excited to watch you grow and encouraged to see what we can bring to your life.


Vision Board

You will be asked to create a Vision Board or Dream Board. This is a collage of images and or words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.



Meetings are essential to one’s recovery because they can help integrate your

emotions and express struggles and obstacles needed to work on in a safe place to help you grow. You will be required to find a local or online community/social support group that you feel comfortable attending. There are many groups out there to find help. You can dial 211 to get information about where to find them in your area. We can assist you if you cannot find one. It is essential to attend meetings if you really want to change. They are very beneficial for holding you accountable.



The importance of a healthy workout in recovery can

reduce stress at a massive level. Your mood will be highly improved and you will feel better about yourself. It will increase your energy and you will definitely have a stronger immune system. It will also help with your sleep and overall self-confidence. When working out in recovery, the odds are you will not relapse. Yoga and stretching are another avenue of a healthy workout. Actual results are very helpful to keep your mind off whatever is holding you

back. We can help you find a class or group to attend. We will go at the pace you desire. If you’re ready to jump in and do it then awesome, lets get to work. If you want to just stretch first and take it slow that is ok too. We are here for YOU!!



#ReBound Incorporated will be airing a podcast called “Whats

YOUR #ReBound? With Brittney Crandall.” We are happy to interview you and support your story. Being open about your recovery is very INSPIRING to people and supports you stay strong in your recovery. Talking about it also helps you to let go of anything you need to overcome from the past. You are not required to participate but we would love for you to step out of your comfort zone and talk about YOUR SPECIAL #REBOUND. Podcasting is also called digital marketing. Being on a podcast can help you reach the highest goals and even manifest those dreams you have always dreamed about. You never know who is listening or watching and could take you to the next level. Please let us lift your SPIRIT and reach for the STARS. On The #ReBound is here to be effective encouragement. It may be uncomfortable at first but you will feel the growth and start to see the PURPOSE. If you would like to participate let us know in the one-on-one coaching.



We will be holding local and viral charity events to raise money for #ReBound Incorporated. The money will be going to journals, worry stones and anything else required for the program. Until we raise enough money, you will have to purchase them yourself or have a sponsor help you. If you have probation hours to do and would like to volunteer to get them done, please contact your probation officer to get it approved.

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