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Meet Our Founder

Brittney Crandall


 Survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury from a horse accident in high school her senior year, Brittney has shown what it truly takes to be a survivor of an almost death experience. She has had to battle the horrible world of addiction and various behaviors that it has lead her to. Only 1 out of 9 addicts truly do recover and after so much she has been through. She wants to tell her story and be an inspiration to others by joining the amazing forces of manifesting ones purpose. Overcoming various obstacles and set backs, her positivity has kept her able to have the courage to speak out about her pained battle between good and evil. She strives everyday to reveal her true purpose through "The Will of God"her #1 supporter. With your donation and supportive encouragement we would like to give others the opportunity to tell their own story and overcome their own battles here at ReBound Incorporated on our upcoming "Rebound Nation" Podcast.

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