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Be a Hero

When supporting ReBound Incorporated, you are taking a stand and helping people who are struggling in a certain area of life. There are many aspects of what Rebound can really mean. In this day and age people struggle with so many thiRecovery is a ie depression, homelessness, drug addiction, divorce, loss of a job, bullying. Currently at ReboundInorporated, we are raising money to help a special family . Your donation helps people who experience homelessness transition into a life where they can experience hope, and healing. Monthly giving provides a stable foundation for ReBound and the opportunity to get to know our donors. Would you consider becoming a monthly donor?


$25 a month

Provides basic needs


$50 a month



$100 a month



$200 a month


Thank you for supporting 

Your donation goes directly towards our clients and volunteers who have gone through major life changes and making their ReBound Goals count. 

Thank you for your generous donation. 


Donate via Venmo

All donations are tax deductible to the extend of the law. ReBound Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Your donation helps us bring awareness to people in crisis and recovery through podcasting, self-help resources and retreats. 

Order Recovery Swag

Please send an email to to order swag. 

We have hats, lanyards, hoodies, t-shirts, leggings, candles, hand sanitizers, kids toys, car decals and stickers.

Email for more info to purchase.

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